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at Shaw's River Ranch

While a cursory view of the lot and home prices on the web site may not immediately lead someone to think "what a deal", anyone who takes the time to review the full details will recognize the incredible value along with the exceptional potential for long-term appreciation over and above most any other development in Colorado.

Here are some of the facts that support the above statements:

7386 Heavenly View Parkway (Lot 5 in Shaw’s River Ranch) is a 3.83 acre ridge view lot that sold, closed and appraised for $900K.


View from lot 5

        The Amenity Package (AP) includes all of the following:

  • 30 +/- acres of some of the most beautiful riverfront wildflower filled meadows in existence on planet earth with in-ground irrigation and surrounded by 14-thousand-foot mountain peaks

  •  The entire river front and riverbanks were completely restored under an Army Corp of Engineers permit, including the removal of over 2 acres of willows that lined the riverbanks and prevented both access and views. Both a flood and wetlands study were required to do all of the renovations and construct a bridge across the river.

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  • A multi waterfall (2), pond (4) and stream (2) system that traverses the Northwest end of the property along with a stream that runs through the 30 +/- acres of meadows available only for AP residents at Shaw’s River Ranch. This system was created with large boulders, lining systems and able to be filled as a result of senior water rights acquired for the South Arkansas River.

  • A 9-hole championship level disc golf course that follows the river with holes on both sides of the South Arkansas. 

  • An 1860 sq. ft lodge that features Tavern on The Ranch with a full indoor kitchen, grand fireplace, pub games, poker room, an indoor and outdoor bar with 6 TV’s, music stage, beer garden and bocce ball court. In addition, there is a 1-bedroom luxury suite with full kitchen and bath available for residents and their guests to use on a reservation basis.

  • An 1800 sq. foot event center that doubles as an indoor pickle ball court.

Riverside Patio 1.jpg
  •  Over ¾ of a mile of two and three rail fencing and walking trails including multiple bridges across multiple streams, and several pond and river front designated picnic areas.

  • A community garden and greenhouse located in the meadow overlooking the ponds, river and 14'ers.


The total cost for the build out of just the common amenities was $3.6 million. With a maximum of only 9 residents sharing this incredible common space, the value of the amenity package alone equates to $400K/lot.

It is highly unlikely that we will ever see this type of development ever again in Chaffee County if not all of Colorado. There are very few acreages of river/mountain front property of this quality in existence outside of National Forest, parks, and other public lands…and most of those do not even compare to Shaw’s River Ranch. 

The time, cost, and effort for a project of this magnitude is something that very few developers would ever consider…especially with only 9 lots offered for sale as is the case with Shaw’s River Ranch.

Economics 101 strongly suggests that due to the lack of supply, incredible location, views, and amenities coupled with extremely limited availability of anything even close to what is available at Shaw's River Ranch, that the value of the lots and homes will likely appreciate at an accelerated pace when compared to the rest of the "cookie cutter" developments throughout the county and state.

The only reason this project was completed with attention to every last detail is because it is also our home and we designed it to be the perfect place to live. This project was our home first and an investment second…and it shows everywhere you look.

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